“I have now taken two courses with Erin Hoover. My writing, understanding and knowledge of poetry has grown so much because of her true mastery of the subject. Of all the feedback I have received on my poetry, it is hers that I value the most because of how helpful and insightful it is. Erin Hoover has helped and guided me towards choosing my major, and her class is one of the reasons I decided to study English at Florida State.” (CRW 3311 student)

“I loved the freedom of the projects. Never felt I was being told what to do (in a good way). I think this gives us the chance to show our capabilities more.” (ENC 4404 student)

Poetic Technique, Spring 2017

In five years at Florida State University, Erin has taught many sections of poetry workshops, literature, and nonfiction courses, as well the final class for undergraduates completing the popular Editing, Writing, and Media degree, a course assignment typically reserved for full faculty members. She earned highly positive instructor evaluations consistently from students as well as their nomination for an Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award.

As editor in chief of The Southeast Review, Erin also supervised the credit of more than fifty graduate students plus three undergraduate interns each semester, forming close professional relationships with this latter group through weekly one-on-one meetings.

Course Assignments
CRWR 3311: Poetic Technique  CRW3311 sample syllabus
CRWR 4320: Advanced Poetry Workshop
ENC 1101:  First-Year Writing
ENC 1102:  First-Year Writing (Research)
ENC 1145:  First-Year Writing (Special Topics, “Writing About the Poet in the World”) ENC1145 sample syllabus
ENC 2135: Research, Genre, & Context
ENC 3010: Article & Essay Technique
ENC 4404: Advanced Writing & Editing
LIT 2030: Introduction to Poetry