“I’ve peered through / the rail arches that line the Susquehanna, / poked the charcoaled embers of hobo camps. / I’ve watched fishermen throw back shad / corrupted by centuries of seeping mines, / and thought, I’m no different from anybody / else here, still shoving broken microwaves / into any sinkhole I can find.” — “Nobody Wanted Such a River, ” forthcoming in Alaska Quarterly Review

“In that moment, / his problem became mine, / the gameshow wheel of categorical abuses / sailing past its black people and queer boys, / past its recent immigrants, the needle finally landing / on me, a woman, just one more / kind of other.” — “Recalibration,” selected by Dana Levin for the Creative Writing Emerging Spotlight Award

“Does it get / any less complicated than one passed-over / object burying itself in another?” — “Girls, ” selected by Edward Hirsch for The Best American Poetry 2016

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